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A Reputation for Excellence At the Kiecker Law Office.

Kiecker Law Office is an estate planning and business law-­focused firm based in Belle Plaine, MN. We serve our clients in Mankato and Rochester in Southern Minnesota through Alexandria, Redwood Falls and St. Cloud in Central Minnesota and throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area. Since establishing the firm in 2006, our clients have raved about our customer focused legal advice.

A Pleasant Atmosphere Achieving professional excellence is only the beginning.

We pride ourselves making the legal process as easy as possible. Our clients well being is our top priority. Each of our clients have an expectation that they will receive timely and knowledgeable legal advice and service. Our goal is to exceed those expectations and facilitate the process and provide comfort in knowing that they are being taken care of in the most effective way.

A Great Reputation for Integrity

While our law firm specializes in estate planning, agricultural law and business law, we also provide legal help in the realms of family law, bankruptcy and various other legal issues. We are dedicated to helping our clients in the best or worst of times, during the loss of a loved one, while starting a new business, or during any other situation that may arise in between. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive customized personal legal representation. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive customized personal legal representation.


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